Thursday, 14 November 2013

Uganda Police arrest leading gay activist and two friends

Sam Ganafa has been arrested by Ugandan police but it's not clear what charges he is facing. Charges against Ganafa are unknown. But there are rumors an alleged ex-lover claimed he contracted HIV after gay sex with him.

Well-known Ugandan gay activist Sam Ganafa and two of his friends have been arrested and detained by police.
Ganafa is director of Spectrum Uganda Initiatives and chair of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), two leading LGBTI organizations.
It is not clear if the claims are true or have been fabricated – either way, they are likely to cause Ganafa problems in a country where rumors spread quickly, particularly when related to gay sex.
LGBTI website 76crimes claims he was arrested after reporting to Kasangati police station in the south of the country. He had gone there at the request of the district police commander.
Police also searched his home and took two of his guests back with them.
GSN has not yet been able to identify these two, but it is thought they are also associated with the LGBTI rights movement in the country.
Ganafa’s home as been used as the Spectrum Uganda office and a shelter for homeless gay, bi and trans people.
Ganafa is expected to appear in court today (13 November) and may face an immediate trial as police are apparently pressing for the case to be dealt with swiftly.
His court appearance will be the first time his supporters will hear what he is charged with.

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